Surviving Those Bad Patches

When you’re a parent – particularly one to a child with disabilities – you go through ups and downs. Good patches and bad ones. Sometimes you coast along in cruise control and you feel like… View Post

Thinking About School When It Isn’t Mainstream

School is not a subject I find easy to talk about – and my son Brody doesn’t even go yet. He’s 4 and a half years old and should have started this new school year,… View Post

The Special Needs Price Tag

Scope’s work with the Extra Costs Commission highlights a total bug bear of mine – being disabled costs money. Those that know me know my hatred for what I, and many others, refer to as… View Post

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

One thing I’ve always hated hearing from professionals is how old Brody is cognitively. It’s not something I need to hear. So, if I can – I avoid it. After all, he is who he… View Post

Shake It Off (Or Alternatively Fetch The Imaginary Voodoo Doll)

When it comes to pass-remarkable comments to do with my parenting, I’ve tended to let them go in the past (okay, I’ll admit I may have fetched my imaginary voodoo doll once or twice…). Let’s… View Post
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