Changing Places & Space To Change Campaigns

Like many others, I campaign for Changing Places and Space To Change toilet facilities. A group of us have joined forces and created My Changing Place.

You can find out more about Changing Places at My Changing Place or at the Changing Places website here. When there is no room for a Changing Places facility, their may be room for a Space To Change one. Here is their website for more information.

I have written about Changing Places for PosAbility Magazine, The OT Magazine, Scope and MummyPages.

I have also written several blogs on the issue, which are linked below:

I Shouldn’t Have To Change My Son On Toilet Floors, Mumsnet Guest Post (January, 2017)

Why Our Families Are Really Not Welcome At Scottish Events, The Huffington Post (November 2016)

Sorry For The Inconvenience, We Are Trying To Change The World (October 2016)

Why Isn’t This News Worthy? (September 2016)

Reasonable Adjustments (June 2016)

One Person Can Make A Difference. And Everyone Should Try (May 2016)

These posts also mention my friend Lorna Fillingham’s petition, which asks the Prime Minister to ensure equality of access to disabled toilets for all by making the provision of Changing Places toilets mandatory in the buildings mentioned in BS 8300:2009.

Please sign Lorna’s petition – you can find it here.