The Unpredictability of Sensory Processing Disorder

I never knew about sensory issues before having Brody. I wouldn’t have believed that a child could get so upset at the sight, touch, smell or sound of something — if that something wasn’t typically… View Post

Stuck At Home Mum

It’s an awful thing to admit, but if I’m honest sometimes I feel like I’m a stuck at home mum – not a stay at home one. Because when it comes to doing anything with… View Post


Every so often, something will happen to highlight how delayed Brody is either cognitively or physically. And every so often it catches my breath or punches my gut. But the dreams I once had at… View Post

Sorry For The Inconvenience. We Are Trying To Change The World…

You know that saying (and I’ve used it before) by Martin Luther King “nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. Well, I just keep being reminded of it… The… View Post

I Am ‘One In Four’, But Why Do I Feel Like I Shouldn’t Talk About It?

I am “one in four*” but like many other women, I don’t ever talk about it. Because I feel like I shouldn’t. Those of us that are will probably know that pregnancy and infant loss… View Post
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